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A perfect holiday location in the South Sardinia.

Being the great central location in the middle of the South Sardinia, planning you holiday in Cagliari means have the opportunity to explore the most enchanting beaches in the East and West coast.

We are to the guests disposal for any question, help or suggestion for planning its best daily itinerary.

Cagliari, the city of the sun and the city of the sea

Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia, the autonomous island region, and also of its province (in Italian: Provincia di Cagliari). The city has many places of interest especially in the sourroundings of the Old Caralis bed and breakfast, and is steeped in Roman history. Cagliari’s port was the main entry point to the island for many centuries, bringing in many peoples and cultures. The area around the port, known as old district "Marina", is a fantastic meeting place, there are many renowned restaurants, italian “trattorie", pizzerie, cafés, bars, and eateries here. Not too far away from the Old Caralis bed and breakfast, is the enchanting of "Poetto" beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, where you can watch the Cagliaritani enjoy their holidays, together with the many tourists that come to the coast here.

The transfer of Sardinian from Carthaginian to Roman rule in 238 BC marked a profound change in the shape of the city. The tower of Stars, Political centre, museum and historical buildings line the paved roads and town squares. Numerous artefacts date from the punic era and various activities of particular interest are religious artefacts such as the small terra-cotta votive figures from S.Gilla and the necropolis tombs of Tuvixeddu. There are also many traces to be found of the Spanish and Pisan invasions of the island during the first centuries of the last millennium. Lodging at the bed and Breakfast Old Caralis Cagliari, means staying in the heart of the city, at few steps from the magnificent monuments of Cagliari, from all the main tourist place and also from the "Poetto" city beach, reached with local buses in 10 minutes, bus stop in front of the B&B


The best places of interest in Cagliari, close to the old Caralis bed and breakfast

Marina District

  • Church of Sant'Antonio Abate
  • Church of Santo Sepolcro
  • City Auditorium
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  • Church of Santa Rosalia
  • Church of Sant'Agostino
  • Church of Sant'Eulalia
  • Church of San Francesco da Paola

Castello District

  • San Pancrazio Tower
  • Citadel of Museum
  • Jewesh Ghetto
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  • Church of the Pure
  • S. Mary Church of the sacred Mountain
  • Church of Santa Croce
  • Church of San Giuseppe
  • Elephant Tower
  • University and Former Seminary
  • Civic Theatre
  • Boyl Palace
  • Saint Remy Rampart
  • Lions Port

Stampace District

  • Church of Sant'Anna
  • Church of San Michele
  • Church of Santa Resituta
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  • Church of Sant'Efisio
  • Villa of Tigellio
  • Botanical Garden
  • Roman Anphitheater
  • Church of Cappuccini
  • Carlo Alberto Barracks
  • Church of Santi Lorenzo e Pancrazio
  • Chiesa dell'Annunziata
  • City Hall
  • Tuvixeddu Necropolis

Villanova District

  • Public Gardens and Municipal Art Gallery
  • Church of San Giacomo
  • Church of San Domenico
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  • Terrapieno Terrace
  • Church of San Mauro

Poetto, the enchanting beach of Cagliari!

Located in the Gulf of Cagliari, with its 8 km stretch and only 15 minutes away from the city center, Poetto beach is the main coastal resort for the inhabitants of Cagliari and its surroundings, is also the most longest beach in Sardinia and the favorite wind spot for sailing, kite, windsurfing enthusiast and for swimmers and sport lovers. Other attractions are the lots of kiosks (otherwise know as "baretti") where you can enjoy a drink, have lunch or dinner with a lovely sea view till late at night. It's very easy to go to Poetto beach from the bed and breakfast Old Caralis, you only must take a bus (any line bearing a "P"), the bus stop is just in front of us.

The most beautiful beaches on the South West coast of Sardinia

Along the SS195, to Teulada, you will see beautiful beaches such Nora, Santa margherita, Torre di Chia, Su Giudeu, Tuerredda, Torre Piscinnì, Porto Tramatzu and Teulada. Along the SS130, SS126, SP 83 you will find Sant’Antioco and Carloforte islands, Nebida, Masua, Buggerru, Capo Pecora, Piscinas, Portixeddu and Scivu

The most beautiful beaches on the South East coast of Sardinia

Along the coast street SS125, to Villasimius, you will see amazing beaches such Cala Regina, Gereméas, Torre delle Stelle, Solanas, Porto sa Ruxi, Capo Boi, Campus, spiaggia del Riso, Porto Giunco, spiaggia di Simìus, Punta Molentis, Costa Rey.

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